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IIT is a Learning Affiliate of the Energy Institute - Engineering Council of the United Kingdom (UK).

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Programme Information

Electrotechnics for secondary school leavers is a 2-year (28 months) Technical Skills Training Program (TSTP) to develop technical professionals for power and engineering services sector.

Though the course is heavy in Electrical, Electronics and Automation trade components, it also has Mechanical, Engineering Design, Engineering Fundamentals, and Programming components. A core component of this programme is the Work Ethic and Values core. tudents are helped through this core to understand the implication of every decision they make.

Graduates of this course are multi-skilled, flexible service technicians capable of working in several engineering environment. Their services are in high demand.

Enrollment to the program is continuous throughout the year.

Programme Structure

First Phase

Students spend the whole of the first 1 year and 6 months in school (inside IIT). Students come to school Mondays to Fridays (except for public holidays & other school holidays). School resumption time is 9am and closing time is 5.00pm with a short break (30mins) at 11am and a longer break (1 hr) for lunch at 1.30pm. Students attend theory and practical classes following a monthly time-table.

Students may decide, if they wish, to undergo an online Bachelor's Degree in Engineering programme from International University of Applied Sciences Germany along with their IIT programme or after IIT programme i.e., when they start working. Engineering online degree programmes are available in Robotics and Industrial Engineering and Management. Students or IIT graduates undergoing the degree programme can opt to do their final semester in Germany. The degree programme can be completed in 3 - 5 years through IIT at a reduced cost and possibly with course exemptions.

Second Phase

Students spend 10 Months in a selected partner company for the in-plant training phase following the Dual Training System (DTS) of vocational training. Every week, the student works in the company for four days following a preplanned training plan and comes to school for one day. Companies are encouraged to pay the students stipend for transportation and feeding. They work following the company rules and regulations. The students keep a logbook of their activities which is reviewed by delegated staff and forms an essential component of the final assessment of the student.


IIT, a Learning Affiliate of the Energy Institute (Engineering Council of the United Kingdom) awards to succuesful students who have completed the full programme (28 months) its qualification in the field of Electrotechnics.

Students or IIT graduates who successfully complete the degree programme will be offered a Bachelor's in Engineering (B.Eng) from the International University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Upon completion of this programme, participants can work within the power field, high level manufacturing industries or engineering services firms. They can also sit for the level 3 or level 4 examination of the applied Electrical or Mechanical Engineering programmes of the City & Guilds of London. They can also sit for the Electrical examinations conducted by the National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB). The examination fee is not covered within the Electromechanics programme fees.

IIT is an examination centre for NABTEB.

Being a student of IIT is like a dream come true. Even though I am on a scholarship, I still find it hard to survive. But I go to school everyday filled with hope. It is part of the things you get when you are in IIT, Hope.