Strategic Intent


To be the foremost organisation in Nigeria responsible for providing global engineering technical skillset through Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) activities with emphasis on ethical values to economically marginalized youths so as to enable them become socially responsible and secure dignified jobs.


To engage and satisfy stakeholders and also utilise proper systems so as to provide Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) with emphasis on education in values to youths from economically marginalized families, so that they develop, help their families, and be of service to the industry and society.

The Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT) places special emphasis on the following areas:

  • To support urban male youths within the ages of 16 to 23. This target group, if not attended to, tend to embrace lifestyles that may be anti-social (social vice) due to the pressures of city life.
  • To empower ladies to take up engineering technical job roles thereby bringing gender balance to the technical engineering space in industries.
  • To empower economically marginalized groups such as youths with deceased parents, low economic status, certain learning disabilities, etc.
  • To empower youths by offering them a multi-skilled skillset that will enable them to be open to multiple job opportunities, secure dignified jobs or to start a business.
  • To address the problems of poverty and youth unemployment in Nigeria through programmes with an industry-based curriculum that combines the Asian and European model to Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET).
  • To ensure stakeholders are happy working with us. This would strengthen the delivery of our programmes.
  • To improve the acceptance of TVET among youths in Nigeria through community outreach and other programmes, thereby reducing its stigma.
  • To provide digital skills and awareness to youths (digital inclusion).
  • To support and improve the productivity of industrial workers by working closely with industries and using the skill gap identified to update our major programmes offered to our beneficiaries.
  • To equip engineering graduates and other interested persons with skills needed to be job ready in Nigeria and globally.
  • To provide STEM teachers / educators with proper engineering technical skill training and education.
  • To improve and to innovate new dimensions so as to enhance the quality of TVET education offered to Nigerian youths.
  • To ensure our programmes have high practical orientation as well as the firm theoretical foundations.
  • To provide the knowledge and skillset to youths on renewable power and green technologies.
  • To Foster collaboration among industry, government, and associated NGOs in order to create high quality impact.
  • To ensure our programmes and activities have a humanitarian touch and foster proper ethical conducts.
  • To engrave safety as a core attitude of the Institute.
  • To create and drive an Alumni community made up of technicians of various capabilities (beneficiaries of IIT programmes) so that they can better help themselves, improve productivity and impact in their work environment and be socially responsible. (see IIT Alumni Association (IITAA) Website)