Dual Training System


The Dual Training System (DTS) is a mode of training delivery which combines the strength of the school and that of the workplace. Theoretical and practical training is delivered in the school and the company. The student-trainee report to the school once a week while he works and trains in the company during the rest of the week.
The system embodies a strong linkage between IIT and your company and aims to benefit both your organisation and the student. IIT will send the student-trainees to your company for training and exposure. Your company makes good use of their skills and potentials by assigning them jobs where they could learn and be productive at the same time.
Your company, as a DTS partner, contributes to the training of the student-trainees and through this system could develop future technical manpower. The in-company training duration is projected at 10 months. Throughout this period, the student-trainees would acquire relevant knowledge and skills as their training progresses following a training plan and they become more productive. Thus, their contribution to your company increases exponentially during the in-company training phase of their training programme.
To ensure that the in-company training is effective, IIT and your company will together develop a Training Plan. The Training Plan details the assigned areas, activities, timeframe, and assigned supervisor amongst others, these aid monitoring and evaluation of the in-company training.

Objectives of the Dual Training System

Immediate Objectives:
• To provide technical trainees/interns for your company, who are able to contribute significantly to your companies operation since they have been prepared in IIT using an industry based curriculum before you receive them.
• To promote active linkage and collaboration with your company in manpower development.
• To reduce the training cost of training and development of technicians through optimization of training facilities of IIT and utilization of your facilities for both training and production/services without the need to invest in specialized training equipment in your company.

Long-term Objective:
• To produce the right manpower for the industry.
• Industry generates social impact through training and development of disadvantaged young people.

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