IIT is a Learning Affiliate of the Energy Institute (EI) of the United Kingdom (UK).


What is Electromechanics?
Electromechanics is a multi-skilled programme that covers Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Automation Technologies with stronger emphasis on Mechanical Technology and fabrication.

What is Electrotechnics?
Electromechanics is a multi-skilled programme that covers Electrical, Electronics, Automation and Mechanical Technology with stronger emphasis on Electrical/Electronic Technology and Controls.

When can I apply for the Electromechanics/Electrotechnics programme, and what time of the year does the session begin?
IIT runs a continuous admission system, meaning that applications are always received throughout the year. Applicants are notified on the dates for the entrance exam and the interviews that follow - for successful candidates.

How can I apply to IIT?
To apply to one of our programmes, click on the programme you want to apply for from the programmes’ dropdown menu.

What is the duration of the programme?
The Electromechanics and Electrotechnics programmes run for a contact time of Twenty six months over a period of three years. IIT runs a dual training system. There is the In-school period (period of training spent in school) and there is the In-Company period (period of training spent in a company).

What certificate will I be given I given at the end of the Electromechanics/Electrotechnics programme?
At the end of the programme, graduates are awarded with a certificate of proficiency.

Does the Electromechanics/Electrotechnics certificate qualify me for a direct entry into the University?
No, the Certificate received from IIT does not lead you through a direct entry into the University. However, you can seat for the City & Guilds and NABTEB exams. To know more about City & Guilds and NABTEB, please visit: www.cityandguilds.com/ and www.nabtebnigeria.org/, respectively.

What then can I do with the training and Certificate I receive from IIT?
With our Certificate, you can get a proper job immediately after graduation in several companies across several Industries, ranging from multinationals to SMEs; manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, etc.

How can I apply for scholarship?
To apply for a Scholarship in IIT, you need to have secured admission into our Electromechanics or Electrotechnics programme.

The Institute for Industrial Technology IS NON-REIDENTIAL, hence, does NOT offer accommodation. Students and other programme participants make their accommodation arrangements privately.

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