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Aboh George From Ghana

Aboh George From Ghana

I have had several trainings but one of the most outstanding was my experience at IIT. Although I live and work in Ghana, I came to know about IIT through some of its graduates in Krones carrying out maintenance at the factory where I work. From Ghana, I moved all the way to IIT (Lagos) to take a short course in electricity in order to acquire the skill because I have a mechanical engineering background.

The one-week training was so intense that at the end of the training, it seems I have been undergoing training for a month. I had more than enough, in fact, I never expected the course to be this intense. With the knowledge and skill gained, I can see my job becoming more interesting. It is unbelievable that a place like IIT can exist in Nigeria and I would like to praise and commend those involved in this TVET social project.

Aboh George.

Mechanical process technician

Multi-Pac Ghana Limited.

I had some troubles initially with the fees, but received a scholarship grant, and so I made it; I finally made it to IIT.