IIT is a Learning Affiliate of the Energy Institute - Engineering Council of the United Kingdom (UK).

Attendance is free!

Who can attend: (Within the ages of 14 to 21 years) only science/tech senior secondary school students. School leavers can also attend i.e., those just graduating from senior secondary school, from science/technical backgrounds.

The EduLogix, an initiative of the Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT), aims at addressing the huge deficiency in S.T.E.M education among senior secondary school students and leavers of science and technical orientation. This initiative intends to provide short quality training that would positively affect the lives of many students, creating an undying interest in S.T.E.M and TVET within them, and lead them to careers that can address issues in the Nigerian technological environment.

Through a project-based approach, participants would learn to solve day-to-day challenges.

This initiative also tends to address issues around student’s personal effectiveness and leadership. Students will be help to realise how they can lead themselves and others. Personal effectiveness and leadership modules from the International Youth Foundation (IYF) skills curriculum will be implemented.

IIT would implement the EduLogix initiative through a hybrid model i.e., a combination of in-class and online training.

Training Modules

Following a project-based approach, available training modules for now are:

  • Creative Technologies [Electronics, Internet of Things (IoT), & Associated Programming etc.] (Saturdays only)
  • Introduction to Technology (IN-TECH) [Fabrication, Electrical, & Industrial Automation] (2 weeks: Mon - Fri)
See start dates below

Training Outcomes:
  • Ability to execute basic electrical, electronic or/and IoT projects.
  • Develop fundamental knowledge of industrial automation.
  • Develop appreciable skills in associated programming.
  • Develop appriciable skills in fabrication.
  • Ability to communicate using technical terms.
  • Strengthen ability to work in teams.
  • Ability to apply personal effectiveness principles to day-to-day activities.
  • Strengthen ability to lead oneself and others.

Operation Details
  • Course: Creative Technologies
  • Start Date: July 16th to 6th August (Saturdays only), 2022.
  • Training Duration: 4 Saturdays
  • Training Time: 10am – 1:30pm (3hrs 30mins contact hours each day)

  • Course: Introduction to Technology (IN-TECH)
  • Start Date: 8th to 19th Augus, 2022.
  • Training Duration: 2 weeks
  • Training Time: 10am – 1:30pm (3hrs 30mins contact hours each day)


Non-residential. Participants will come to the training venue from their homes. This programme focuses on impacting fundamental knowledge and skills only. A Certificate may be issued by IIT and partners (jointly) at the end of the programme.

Location: Lagos

Primary location - At the Institute for Industrial Technology (IIT).

Secondary Location - (provided by partners) Applicants may be directed to venues close to their area of residence.

Age range:

14 to 21 years.


for students with Sciences and Technical background.