Modular Programmes


The IIT Modular Programme is an intense and flexible learning platform designed to equip you with the technical knowledge and the practical skills required to function productively within the manufacturing and engineering services sector and to help you take advantage of its rapidly growing technical needs.

Programme Objectives

The modular programme will enable its participants:
  • Acquire key technical knowledge to be able to operate in any technical environment.
  • Discover leadership principles and its importance in technical workplace.
  • Develop technical skills required to fit into the industrial, maintenance and installation environment.
  • Flexible self-improvement without decline on standards as to enable learning without interrupting work.

Programme structure

The Modular Programme is structured towards flexible learning.
  • Modules are delivered in Units to be completed within a maximum duration of 3 months.
  • Fields are delivered in Modules to be completed within a maximum duration of 5 years.

Units are delivered on Fridays and Saturdays. An intensive week option (Monday to Friday) is available for those who are able to fast-track. A flexible week option is also available i.e. to participate in Units on any day within the intensive week, for those who require weekday flexibility.

Learning Process

Learning is 30% theoretical and 70% practical. Skills are built through reading, technical instruction, and practice. Unit materials are to be collected and read before attending selected Unit. Participants shall be assessed in order to be awarded Module recognition or/and Certificate

Programme Requirement

Applicants must fulfill the following conditions where relevant:

  • Must have completed or undergoing tertiary education in any discipline.
  • Those with non-science background must be working in a manufacturing or technical environment.
  • Those with only secondary education must be above 21 years and also working in a technical environment.
  • Pass IIT entrance examination and interviews.

Applications will be screened by a faculty panel.
Requirements are to be met before being admitted into the programme

Additional Information

Those offered admission from non-science backgrounds would not be offered exceptions during the course of the training.

The Modules though flexible are practical and intense. Participants from non-science back-grounds should undergo extra personal studies in science related subjects especially physics and mathematics in order to understand certain concepts

Programme Process

  • Programme Application
  • Screening / Admission / Registration
  • Apply for Modules / select Units
  • Payment and Clearance
  • Receive Unit Instruction Material
  • Attend Units
  • Complete Module
  • Receive Module Recognition
  • Complete Field
  • Receive Certificate

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