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Customized modular Programme




Why Customize your Programme?

The Customized Modular Programme is a technical solution, tailor-made to meet the individual need. This need may be industry specific or trade specific. This programme allows you to decide your path and also gives you that extra flexibility and advantage to select modules according to your need.

This programme could either be a module recognition programme or a path certificate programme.

It would be a module recognition programme when modules are selected at the individual’s discretion. In this case, the individual is not fitted to any definite module path and as such, can select and attend modules of one’s choice but with exception to the compulsory modules attached to each programme level. However, where a participant completes the required modules for the defined path certificate programmes within the maximum period, this would be consider and treated as a certificate programme.

In cases where the structured paths – electromechanics, mechatronics, facility technology etc. – do not fit an individual, the individual should communicate with the institute as regards the proposed path. The institute would study this case and where possible develop and guide the individual towards a module curriculum that fits the proposed path. The “curriculized” path would be a certificate programme.  


Free Compulsory modules

Work Values and Ethics 1 – compulsory for level one programme

Work Values and Ethics 2 – compulsory for level two programmes


Optional Modules:

All other modules are optional.




Programme Duration:


Instruction Time:

9:30am to 5:00pm


Contact Hours per Day:

6 hours


Programme Category:

Modular [part-time] Programme


Programme Type:

·        Module Recognition Programme

·        Certificate Programme


Location Favourability:

Lagos and environs

Those who are able to undertake this programme despite location disadvantage should consider short term relocation.

 Module Schedule:



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For fees and further inquirers contact:


Mr. Eric Odili (+234 8023081605/

Mr. Abraham Midonu (+234 9035616248/

Mr. David Okechukwu (+234 8179387279 /




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